Planting Trees with Reforesta

Plant a tree for every purchase!

How Our Reforestation Program Operates

The essence of our reforestation program lies in collaboration with global organizations dedicated to tree planting in critical areas. Utilizing our Shopify app, merchants have the opportunity to allow their customers to contribute to tree planting with each product or service they acquire. Our close partnership with these organizations ensures that trees are planted in regions where they will make the most significant positive impact on the environment and the well-being of local communities.


Reforesta supports reforestation projects globally

At REFORESTA, we're dedicated to backing reforestation projects globally by teaming up with different organizations. These partnerships have yielded impressive outcomes in terms of reforestation and their impact on the environment. Our reforestation initiatives have played a vital role in rejuvenating depleted lands, curbing soil erosion, and fostering biodiversity in previously harmed areas.

In addition, the trees planted through our program absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, helping to combat climate change and improve air quality. We are proud to support these reforestation projects and their positive impact on the environment and local communities. Through our Shopify app, merchants can join us in this effort by planting a tree for every product or service they sell.


Frequently Asked Questions

REFORESTA is a Shopify app that allows merchants to integrate a tree planting service into their platform. Their customers can plant a tree for every product or service sold. The app works by connecting customers with reforestation projects around the world, where trees are planted in areas that need them the most.

Integrating Reforesta with your Shopify website is simple and easy. All you need to do is install the Reforesta app and configure it according to your preferences. Once configured, customers on your website will be able to plant trees for every product or service they purchase.

They will receive an email with information about the tree they planted, including the species of the tree and the location where it was planted. The customer will also receive updates about the progress of the reforestation project.

Reforesta is working with various reforestation projects around the world. Some of the projects that Reforesta is supporting include the Amazon Rainforest Restoration Project, the Congo Basin Forest Restoration Project, and the Great Green Wall Project in Africa.

Planting trees through Reforesta helps the environment in many ways. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, which helps reduce the effects of climate change. Trees also provide habitats for wildlife and help prevent soil erosion, which can lead to flooding and other environmental problems.

Yes, you can track the progress of the reforestation projects you have contributed to through Reforesta. The application provides regular updates on the status of the reforestation projects and the impact they are having on the environment.

The App is free to install. Each tree has a cost of $0.30 USD.

Reforesta works with partner organizations that have experience in reforestation and know the best places to plant trees. These organizations conduct thorough research to determine the areas that are in need of reforestation and plant trees accordingly. Reforesta provides funding and support to these organizations to help them achieve their reforestation goals.

At this time, Reforesta is only available for integration with Shopify websites. However, we are continually exploring new opportunities to expand our services and reach more customers who are interested in supporting reforestation efforts.